Value Added Services

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Pacific Cabling Solutions offers several Value-Added Services to assist customers with their Cabling and Connectivity requirements. These services allow customers to use the industry expertise of PCS to efficiently manage requirements with improved service along with minimal waste and expense.


Demo & Presentation Room availability

  • Our Rooms are your rooms! we have multiple show rooms that you can utilize to provide your clients with test drives.


Home Theater & AV Design

  • Just provide us with project details and we will present you with a proposal.


Projector Calibration Services

  • ISF Video Calibration available for JVC Pro Projectors purchased with a Severtson Screen


Customer Services

  • Standard same day shipments on stocking items

  • 24 hour / 7 day Emergency after hours service

Value-Added Cable Services

PCS is a full line Value-Added cabling and connectivity distributor. Our philosophy is to provide all services related with the wire and cable industry.


Armouring & Jacketing

PCS can provide an overall aluminum or steel interlocked armour and jacket to any cable for added mechanical protection. From Coaxial, Computer and Data Cables to Security & Fiber Optic Cables.



Twisting,  Paralleling or Bundling

To help facilitate your handling and installation process, PCS has the ability of grouping wire together. By grouping single or multi-conductor cables into various configurations, installation time is cut down dramatically.